Gerardo Arevalo


I am looking for a principal development role in a dynamic work environment where I can apply my existing knowledge and skills to prototype and build new software tools, services, and applications.


Projects: CTMS, Automated Testing
Tech: Playwright,Angular,SharePoint,SQL Server,Azure,.Net Core
  • Worked on design, development, maintenance, and support of digital solutions across a variety of technology platforms for CTMS, like adding new features, fix bugs, and ETL.  
  • Headed a testing automation initiative, writing tests with Playwright, based on Page Object Model
Projects: i-Parcel EGOS, Find Parcels, Dashboard, Desktop App, DAO Micro Service, ZPL to PDF Label Preview, FTP Forwarder, DWS Console App, Branded Visibility, Smart Basket, Email Alerts, Routing Rules
Tech: Azure Functions,ASP.NET,Bootstrap,Hangfire,DropBox,MongoDB,C#,jQuery,Azure Queues,RAZOR,Signal-R,Knockout,Azure App Services,SQL Server,Angular,Redis,MVC,Typescript,Azure Storage,JavaScript,Ext-Js,ElasticSearch,MVVM,WinForms
  • Collaborated in the development and release of UPS Smart Basket and Branded Visibility projects, the former is used at, and reaches the entire world-wide audience to schedule their package deliveries, and the latter is used by 20,000+ merchants to customize their online shopping carts.
  • Acted as a team lead, mentoring junior developers, in Angular 2 up to 8 + ASP.NET MVC as in-house SME between MVC and Angular.
  • Wrote many Rich Web UIs/SPAs, or Interactive web UIs, to run the business. Composed numerous interactive and real-time screens using our full stack with SignalR.
  • Rewrote the main dashboard due to volume growth; Brought it down to 2 seconds from 3 minutes, analyzing the app end-to-end, optimizing queries and code.
  • Wrote lots of client code to connect with 3rd party shipping services’ APIs and run-on Azure. 
  • Worked with DevOps team performing code analysis to improve Azure app performance and load times.
  • Led the modernization of the code of the Desktop App, a C# WinForms desktop application used at over 60 warehouses and 100s of stations world-wide, updating the layout to a dynamic WinForms layout, and adding ZPL to PDF label preview, new features for debugging and sending data and commands to printers.
Projects: QC HOLDINGS, Ordico
Tech: Entity Framework,PowerShell,AppFabric,WCF,C#,MVC,Bootstrap,IIS,SQL Server,TPL,CODE Framework,ASP.NET

Client: QC HOLDINGS (Kansas City, MO)
Projects: External Services, QC Rules Engine, PowerShell Deployment Tool, QC Cache Service

  • Designed a software engine that calls external web services asynchronously to cut down the time waiting for a loan to the time that it takes the slowest service to respond. The final design separates “the engine” from “the processor” web service so that a new junior developer can code a new web service that participates in the decision-making process while isolated from the orchestration.
  • Built a dynamic business rules engine that lets the business define the business rules per region based on static and dynamic data points that determine the rule outcome. The business operates 450 stores across 9 regions covering most states.
  • Researched AppFabric, designed and built the cache service used by the QC Rules Engine
  • Automated the deployment of multiple web services to all the web servers in a cluster writing PowerShell scripts. The scripts launch a XAML GUI to collect parameters, then pulls the source from TFS, builds the projects with build configurations, configures destination IIS applications, and deploys to the servers.

Client: Ordico (Mexico)
Projects: Ordico.Cart

  • Built a simple, service-oriented MVC shopping cart with basic functionality for inventory management, user and role management, add to cart, view cart, checkout, billing address and shipping address, and payment processing.
  • Translates Spanish-English communications.
Projects:,, MyResumator (, MiCarreraVirtual (
Tech: FrontPage,ASP.NET,ALM,JavaScript,IIS,Bootstrap,MVC,Umbraco,Amazon,Knockout,Azure,C#,SQL Server,PowerShell,WCF,.Net,Web Forms
  • This is my company for corp-to-corp and side projects.
Projects: BobMankoff.Com, Sani Products
Tech: Source Control,Umbraco 7,.Net,Git,MVC,SQL Server,IIS,RackSpace,CDN
  • Split design markup into Umbraco CMS document types to render dynamically
  • Organized information in the back-end CMS making easy for the content admin to find what they needed to edit and edit only once to render in multiple areas in the front-end.
  • Provisioned sites with AJAX services
  • Integrated with Facebook and Twitter social media
  • Optimized sites with minification, bundling, and SEO
Projects: FindYourStrengthToShine, 24HourGuy, RockYourStyle, WearYourHairCurly, Coffee-Mate/Girlscouts, EveryStepWinterOlympics
Tech: IIS,jQuery,CloudFront,C#,JIRA,Umbraco 6,Agile,Amazon Cloud Services,RAZOR,Cruise Control,EC2,CDN,Continuous Integration,Transcoder,SQL Server,JavaScript,ASP.NET,.Net,Web Forms,Visual Studio,Git,S3,MVC,Facebook API
  • Delivered the backend solutions for clients (L'Oreal Garnier, Nestle, and Citi)
  • Set up Cruise Control continuous integration since it didn’t exist before
  • Designed ASP.NET MVC solutions to serve up content for mobile, desktop and tablet using display modes and 51Degrees
  • Wrote custom HttpModule for IP address white listing
  • Wrote custom HttpModule to support CORS and cross-domain calls
  • Provisioned sites with services for AJAX JSON data
  • Set up servers/IIS on the cloud for staging and production
  • Oversaw code merges with code review. Packaged and automated deployments.
  • Built custom back-end admin/CMS
Projects: CHAMP, RSA Server Appliance
Tech: WCF,Bug Tracker,Sql-Lite,C#,Agile,Web Services,.Net,Oracle,TOAD,IIS,ASP.NET,WPF,FLEX,RSA Server Appliance,Continuous Integration,Synergy,JavaScript,Visual Studio,Web Forms,Cruise Control
  • Implemented multi-language support for CHAMP, Weight Watcher’s mobile POS system. This allowed the business to expand into France/French, the first non-US language.
  • Designed and implemented the solution to integrate the RSA Key Server Appliance to address PCI security standards in CHAMP.
  • Designed and implemented the solution for multi-language support in the WPF User Provisioning Tool using custom bindings.
  • Solved bugs in CHAMP and the Web Forms back-end admin.
Projects: Internal Applications and In-House Tools
Tech: ASP.NET,C#,SSIS,Visual Studio,SQL Server,SSRS,.Net,SVN,IIS,Web Forms,Telerik
  • Worked on various projects to mail blast, create invoice reports, and create PDF letter mail orders from Data Warehouse.
  • Learned SSIS in Visual Studio to create PDF output
  • Supported back-end admin tools in Web Forms with Telerik controls.
  • Created SSRS reports for management
Projects: Simparel
Tech: Simparel ERP
  • Built a Sales Forecast Application for division vice presidents.
  • Pushed the Simparel system to the limit creating user interfaces like no other in the system.
Projects: MRMWeb
Tech: MVC,Cruise Control,Continuous Integration,SVN,Visual Studio,Ext-Js,SQL Server,.Net,XML/XSL/XSLT,Bug Tracker,Agile,C#,ASP.NET,WCF,NUNIT,Web Forms,JIRA,IIS,JavaScript,SQL-CLR,Windows Services
  • Worked on the server-side of Reports and Scheduled Reports of a GIS Mobile Resource Management platform that processes GPS data for the Enterprise (1300+ customers).
  • Reduced the time to generate reports down to 2 seconds by filtering the data at the source using the SQL-CLR, then identifying and eliminating unnecessary computations in the application that were looping though large record sets sometimes 3 or 4 times.
  • Worked with sales to code new business cases for customers.
Projects:, Digital Scale,
Tech: C#,Windows Forms,ASMX,Visual Studio,JavaScript,Windows Services,SQL Server,Web Services,Touch Screen Kiosk,Web Forms,ASP.NET,jQuery,.Net,IIS
  • Responsible for the development of Equinox Digital Scale, a kiosk application that uses fingerprint scanning for authentication and controls a digital scale used for taking body measurements that are uploaded to the member’s profile on the web. It is a multi-threaded, touch-screen C# application built on .Net 3.5, web services, and MS SQL 2005.
  • Collaborated in the stabilization phase of the code for the public retail site of PureYoga. and its member-facing and in-house administration tools for class scheduling and booking/reservations (ASP.NET, C#, .Net Framework 3.5, Atlas + Prototype JavaScript, XSLT, MS SQL 2005).
Projects: Facebook gaming portal real-time client
Tech: IIS,SVN,C#,WCF,Web Forms,JavaScript,Visual Studio,Web Services,Windows Services,Facebook API,ASP.NET,SQL Server,.Net
  • Responsible for the development of the WCF Web Client Applications “Sketch-It by Café.Com,” and “Absolute Solitaire” for Facebook (.Net Framework 3.0, C#, Visual Studio 2008, SQL 2005, IIS x64) for multi-player gaming on the Café.Com platform.
  • Designed a custom HttpModule for authentication per request. Designed and integrated new functions in the n-tier/n-layer architecture to support partner site users to register and play online video games with the web portal users.
  • Sketch-It was featured on the print and online newspaper USAToday (
  • Started as a side gig
Projects: MortgageIT, DocPrep, LoanExporter, DefaultRateMap
Tech: ASP.NET,WCF,Web Services,.Net,Visual Studio,Web Forms,C#,SQL Server,JavaScript,IIS,ASMX
  • Worked in team of software engineers responsible for over 150 business applications needed to run the bank and support the web broker portal that allows brokers to originate mortgage loans through wholesale and closed loan purchase, determine eligibility and pricing for products, and lock loans into an enterprise lending system.
  • Participated in the design and development of the DocPrep application as the UI Lead Developer. DocPrep transmits loan data to third parties for due diligence and saved cost by enabling transmission to more than one provider. It is an ASP.NET application written in C# that used MS SQL 2005 for saving transmission state, and sent and received loan information internally and from third parties using REST and ASMX web services.
  • Participated in the design and responsible for the development of the LoanExporter application as the Lead Developer. LoanExporter coordinated the deployment of loan data between environments for TEST, QA, and UAT (User Acceptance) testing of applications to run the bank. It’s an ASP.NET application written in C# that saved all loan data in XML format in MS SQL 2005 for playback/deployment and delivered within a tight deadline.
  • Created a color-coded map of zip codes on google maps control with mortgage default rates from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
Projects:, Bunk1DB
Tech: VeriSign,VBScript,.Net,ASP.NET,Visual Studio,C#,Classic ASP,SQL Server,IIS,JavaScript,Web Forms
  • Technical Lead of a compact team, participating in the development and maintenance of Bunk1’s flagship products. The environment was a hybrid Classic ASP/COM and ASP.Net public web site in C#, VB.Net, JavaScript, and VBScript, running on a web server farm attending spikes of ~300 simultaneous visitors.
  • Responsible for coding the e-commerce store’s new pricing tiers into the object-oriented model and finding performance gaps reported to BVCommerce for the shopping cart software’s next release.
  • Participated in the design and was responsible for the client-side implementation of JP2 compression libraries from AtalaSoft with a HTTP handler that saved the cost of buying a new redundant data storage array.
  • Wrote a new user administration system with added functionality to use VeriSign’s chargeback features.
  • Regularly refactored code from the Classic ASP UI tier to middle tier .Net assemblies and performed ETL on various data formats from 1,100 customers.
Projects: Paylock 2.0, BootView
Tech: Bug Tracker,ASMX,NUNIT,SQL Server,LogiXML,Visual Studio,JavaScript,Continuous Integration,Windows Forms,Cruise Control,Web Forms,C#,IIS,.Net,Classic ASP,ASP.NET,SourceSafe
  • Working in a 2-man team with the company's CTO, co-developed and architected an ASP.NET application in C# to track hardware assets and process payments.
  • Defined a migration “pipeline” to execute on each release of the software, keeping all development synchronized. Wrote SQL scripts for new database schemas and data migration.
  • Migrated 1.5 years of data into database’s new relational model, and designed object-oriented tiers for data access and presentation layers.
  • Wrote new stored procedures, views, and user-defined functions for SQL Server 2000. Achieved performance improvement on the application's 'DashBoard' home page load time of 15 seconds to less than 2 seconds.
  • Refactored Web Forms code in preparation for a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Implemented AJAX methods to perform validation of user input against the database and inform the user of an existing account before submitting the form and creating a new account.
  • Write CodeSmith code templates for database entity business objects.
  • Researched and implemented new ASP.NET techniques where appropriate (AJAX, Caching, Logging, Data Access).
  • Initiated development on a 'Test Class Generator' utility in C# that generates a test class for NUnit from HTML server output. The utility takes the URL and authentication credentials for a page (web form) and creates the declaration statements and test method stubs for unit testing.
  • Invented a framework of objects for user-acceptance tests that leaves the database clean of testing artifacts. The rollout of the software ensures that all the methods get tested on the production database after rollout without the corruption of existing data.
  • Discovered Watir (Web Application Testing in Ruby) to test the user interface and implemented Watir tests to existing NUnit tests.
  • Learned about Extreme Programming and Agile software development methodologies to produce software in a time-critical fashion for the business to grow accepting new clients.
  • Learned element-based reporting with LGX Reports, and wrote fast business-critical reports for BootView.
Projects: iParc
Tech: VB.NET,Classic ASP,IIS,C#,SQL Server,ASP.NET,.Net,SourceSafe,VBScript,JavaScript,Visual Studio,XML/XSL/XSLT,Agile,Web Forms,Bug Tracker
  • Managed and enhanced code on ASE’s flagship products running on the .Net Framework and Windows XP/2000 and IIS (iParc) and the .Net Compact Framework on Windows CE (iController), primarily utilizing XML messages for communication and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 for data storage.
  • Designed and coded new features requested by focus groups and managers, using Visual Studio 2003 and Visual SourceSafe, such as engineering multi-language compliant transaction information pages that display from the iParc “Maps” ActiveX control. The pages read a posted XML message and re-build the XML tree with translated strings for user culture. They append a device’s image location information after verifying the image from a resource assembly and writing the device image to a cache directory, using XSL Translation (XSLT) to combine XML and XSL to produce the HTML output displayed in the browser.  
  • Wrote a console application in C# that generates the string resource files from the iParc language database and image resource files from GIF and JPG image files. The utility produces the multi-language satellite resource assemblies for English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, and Spanish versions of iParc. The utility is currently incorporated into the iParc nightly build and the multi-language strings are read from the resulting DLLs throughout iParc using a GetUserString function.
  • Performed requirements gathering, needs analysis, and subsequently wrote specifications and coded a Reporting System in C# and ASP.NET to integrate into iParc. The project refactors the functionality of over 264 code files with over 120 thousand lines of code, spanning three projects, into a single manageable object-oriented project assembly. Features include cached datasets, on-the-fly data relations, Crystal Reports, web reports, printable reports, report dataset navigation, export functionality, multiple-language compliance (localization), and a dynamic user interface. The application reduces user input error by presenting appropriate operators and behavior for the fields being queried (numbers, string, system enumerations, etc.) and seamlessly integrates into the current project architecture, or any portable form.
  • Individually performed analysis, identified, and reported bottlenecks in specific user-defined functions, stored procedures, and database design, causing reports to take as long as 34 minutes to run. Consulted with developers and subsequently led the brainstorms to the solutions, to the same queries, which reduced the execution time of the real-time queries to fewer than 8 seconds on a slow machine - without the separation of the OLTP database to an OLAP database model.  
  • Customized Crystal Reports according to specification to display SQL Server data on the web (ASP.NET) and generated Excel, PDF, Word, and Rich-Text output (from Crystal) using ADO Datasets, stored procedures, and Crystal Reports for .Net.
  • Worked to solve over 150 bugs in iParc software product, debugging through VB.Net and ASP.NET code, SQL Server stored procedures, user-defined functions, triggers, views and job scheduling.
  • Consciously performed unit testing and regression testing on each step of development to help with the QA process.
  • Wrote a “Theme Designer” windows application in C# that uses the Internet Explorer ActiveX control and loads, saves, and previews themes stored as XML for a proposed customer support web site framework.
Projects: Training, Labs, Individual Project, Group Project
Tech: ASP.NET,Windows Forms,C#,Web Services,SQL Server,Web Forms
  • Selected as the class Honor Student. Maintained a high grade average, mentored other students, and completed a research assignment on windows form controls custom validation mechanism for class presentation. Won $1000 bonus.
  • Developed C# solutions employing object–oriented programming concepts for diverse programming scenarios and code review. 
  • Used C# and ADO.NET to define and implement secure middle-tier components using both connected and disconnected environment strategies.  Components were consumed by web applications and windows applications utilizing SQL Server and stored procedures to perform logical business transactions. 
  • Created and deployed XML Web Services using ASP.NET.  Consumed Web Services from both Windows forms and ASP.NET web applications.
  • Developed a Windows n-tiered “Public Library Management System” application and then ported the application to a dynamic ASP.NET Internet/Intranet model utilizing the same secure middle tier data access components.  Non-public web pages were secured using Windows integrated and ASP.NET forms security models.
  • As part of a team, designed, and developed a multi-tiered IT Recruiter Placement Application with the capabilities to post jobs, search jobs and query reports.  Project included building a Windows-based front-end interface for managing the system and database. Created administrative security levels for different users, and wrote stored procedures. Technologies utilized included: C#, SQL Server 2000, T-SQL, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, and HTML.
  • Created business components in C# using .NET Class Library assemblies while migrating and implementing them in a multi-tier environment suitable for Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) and COM+ to address application infrastructure issues associated with building scalable enterprise level applications used by many clients.
  • Attended Microsoft DevDays 2004 Web Development Track: Building Secure Web Applications with ASP.NET; learned about ASP.NET application security fundamentals, understanding web application threats and vulnerabilities, and defenses and countermeasures against hacker attacks (SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and input tampering).
Projects: Information Technology
Tech: Web Forms,VBScript,C#,Visual Studio,VBA,ASP.NET,SQL Server,.Net,Access,Classic ASP,VB.NET,Visual Basic,IIS
  • Redesigned and normalized an existing FoxPro5 database containing records for Pre-Health counseling office student visits since 1990 (consisting of about 15,000 manual (free-text)-input records in a flat table). Cleaned data with custom-made C# utility. Split and imported data into Access with VBA.
  • Designed an ASP.NET web interface in C# for Pre-Health student database for remote access to records. Students would now receive an email reminder of appointment including a URL to a web page with appointment information.
  • Developed windows application with Access 2000 Forms, VBA, and Excel for custom reports and data entry utilizing SQL Server 2000 for back end support. Eliminated the manual tallying of records, saving the user's time for customer service.
  • Conducted meetings with doctoral and clerical staff to analyze requirements of new software application for tracking pre-health students and wrote all specifications.
  • Trained and supported administrative staff on new dynamic reporting capabilities.
Projects: Distance Learning, Information Technology
Tech: Visual Studio,Access,Visual Interdev,JAVA,SQL Server,VBA,Apache,IDea,IIS,.Net,TextPad,Classic ASP,JBuilder,Mainframe,VBScript,ASP.NET,JRun,Visual Basic,CVS,Servlets and JSPs
  • Designed, developed, and implemented Web and Windows applications using mainframe data on students for distance learning course authentication and login troubleshooting in VB6 and ASP using SQL Server 7/2000 database.
  • Identified a Blackboard Level I data source loophole which would have required manual entry of each student in each course through a web page and engineered a solution which used existing authentication system data, thus saving Tallahassee Community College $45,000 in licensing fees.
  • Designed, developed and implemented system for collection and reporting of survey information from the web into SQL Server 2000 for Distance Learning programs accreditation by a review board in ASP. Configured reports for administrative analysis with SPSS software on SQL Server 2000 data.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented a centralized content management structure and interface with remote administration capabilities for Tallahassee Community College web sites in ASP utilizing SQL Server 2000 and text files for data storage giving administration direct access to home page content for news headlines, calendar, and storm alerts.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented an online bids submission system for construction contractors in ASP and SQL Server 2000. System capabilities included email, user management, and message board interfaces. New projects could now be entered and announced to contractors along with bids open and closing times online, saving the college labor hours and courier fees over the previous process.
  • As part of a team, worked with mainframe developers enhancing the EagleNet student registration system through CVS in JAVA. EagleNet used Java Beans, Java Server Pages, and a data broker interface to receive data from procedures in various languages on the mainframe. Confirmed and updated student's current address information upon login to Java Server Pages with Java Beans.
  • Provided 24/7 support for the Windows NT4/2000 IIS, SQL, and JRun servers. Resolved data communications incidents, and supported critical administrative decisions regarding upgrades, backups, and installations during downtime.
  • As part of a team, participated in the design, planning, installation, and administration of NT4 to Windows 2000 servers, SQL Server, and Active Directory required supporting the needs of the growing college web student user base increasing at the rate of 1600% per semester.
  • Ensured that IIS was running in a secured environment through authentication and access control lists, IP address restrictions, encryption, security certificates and SSL.
Projects: Software Design and Development
Tech: Visual Basic,SQL Server,Front Page,Classic ASP,VBScript,HomeSite,Mainframe,Visual Interdev,Access
  • Designed dynamic page templates for the Division of Colleges and Universities' new web site and intranet in ASP on NT4/IIS web servers utilizing SQL Server 6.5 for back end data storage.
  • Designed and implemented the server/software system for content producers in 12 departments and provided the consulting, technical support, and training required to all users. Previous system required new or updated content submissions on paper or disk to be edited or uploaded to the mainframe at Northwest Regional Data Center by webmaster. New system utilized Windows NT 4 and SQL Server 6.5 servers running IIS with FrontPage Extensions and a custom built copy to production request site in ASP and SQL Server 6.5.
  • Configured and integrated use of Shadow data drivers on NT web servers to use data directly from the mainframe on Active Server Pages, eliminating the need to produce pages on the mainframe using REXX.
  • Researched and wrote proposals for implementing new technologies for the development of a dynamic data-driven web site. The outcome was Active Server Pages on Internet Information Server using Microsoft Visual Studio 97 for database development and Microsoft FrontPage 97 for content editing in sub webs by the content managers. This solution was accepted over using Allaire Cold Fusion, Cold Fusion Server, and Cold Fusion Studio based on server cost to start writing ASP code.
  • Used previous research, designed, programmed, and integrated image-based laser printer forms technology from Lexmark with mainframe stream data to replace impact printers connected to IBM System/36 line terminals. New system saved approximately $15,000 annually on maintenance contract with IBM as well as expensive parts and supplies for the printers. New system capabilities generated all forms in-house providing over 95% cost savings over ordering 3rd party 5-part custom printed forms at over $.30 each.  
  • Trained one full-time Senior Computer Operator position and one part-time web help student position.
  • The official Webmaster of the organization, promoted from Programmer/Analyst to Senior Programmer/Analyst.
  • Spearheaded the design and development of the Division of Colleges and Universities' Internet activities by analyzing and improving the content workflow and coordinated the transfer of the web site from data center to Division of Colleges and Universities location to begin real development of a database-driven web site.
  • Ran merge programs, generated reports, and manipulated student and facilities data for 11 state universities at regional data centers in Tallahassee, Tampa, and Orlando for use in planning of the State University System by the Office of the Chancellor.
  • Edited Job Control Language (JCL) scripts and submitted jobs for processing student and university records. Performed and verified data transfers and scheduled jobs daily, weekly, monthly, per-semester, and per-year accounting for dependency on other data transfers and produced reports for all regions.
  • Determined the need and created a label-making program with VB5 and Microsoft Access 97 for cataloguing student records. The program printed physical-size accurate labels and assisted with the batch job schedules. 
  • Provided technical support of Local Area Network and computer equipment with emphasis on hardware, software, and network functions; Functioned as referral assistant for unresolved help desk questions and calls.
  • Wrote batch scripts to configure PC network cards helping to upgrade the network from a 3-ringed token ring network to a single ring token ring network to a 10/100 Mbit Ethernet LAN. It saved an incredible amount of time for each technician when they used to have to edit each PC's system configuration and autoexec file with the new TCP/IP system configuration.
  • Trained student part-time Computer Operators on operation of IBM System/36 as a print server.
  • Promoted to Programmer/Analyst at the Division of Colleges and Universities for the Florida Department of Education.

Own Projects, Smaller Projects

Projects: TheUnicornPresident.Com
Tech: d3.js,Bootstrap
  • A social and political experiment
Projects: BaggageHandlerMobile
Tech: Worker Roles,SAS and ACS Authentication,Azure,Service Bus,Phone 8,Mobile 6.5,Motorola MC-9500
  • Built proof-of-concept for an older device running Windows Mobile 6 (Motorola MC-9500) to read barcodes, and without the Azure SDK, to authenticate against the Azure Active Directory and send signed messages to the Azure Service Bus for processing by a Worker Role and put into Azure SQL for reporting/dashboard.
Tech: EC2,C#,Windows 8 App,JavaScript,Continuous Integration,HTML5,S3,Silverlight,SQL Server,Amazon,jQuery,MVC,ASP.NET,Media Services,Azure
  • Built a multimedia content delivery and sales platform for high-end fashion designers from scratch. Back-end CMS tools let the owner and client relationship manager upload and control the content. Microsoft BizSpark. 2nd Runner Up hackathon winner.
  • Set up continuous integration and source control
  • Developed a system of distributed video hosting on the AWS platform that was a Silverlight application that acted as a client to each EC2 instance to get a list of the available videos.
  • Migrated from AWS to Azure and scripted the video upload and video registration process for the site.
  • Automated the creation and upload of each new store’s information and graphics
Projects: - Side Gig
Tech: C#,Web Services,.Net,ASP.NET,IIS,WCF,JavaScript,Web Forms,Visual Studio,jQuery,Silverlight,SQL Server
  • Made the video player app for a PhD research project that takes the psychology paradigm to The Web. The player played a script of randomized videos and the user hit the keyboard in response to an emotion seen in the video. The response time was taken, and the user was then prompted to select an emotion response. The published book is found here on Amazon: (
  • Freelancer Gig Management Software
  • This is my old C2C and side projects company. Now it is my portfolio site, and I opened ATC TECH CONSULTING.
Tech: Classic ASP,Visual Interdev,IIS,SQL Server
  • 15,000 registered members; 3,000+ unique visitors per day.
    Hosted a calendar of activities, over 11,000 pictures, an arcade of online games, The Wall (we believe that we coined the term “The Wall”), a drinks database, an online shop for t-shirts, a management interface for owners to post their events in rich text and graphics.
  • A “Google Local for Students” before Google Local. Reached 1MM “hits.” Ranked in Alexa Top 100,000 Sites.